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Contact Us
Miranda M. Lim, MD, PhD
lmir @ ohsu . edu
(503) 220-8262 ext 57404
(503) 402-2823 (fax)
Portland VA Medical Center
3710 SW Veterans Hospital Rd
Building 101, Rm 404A
Mail code: P3-RD42
Portland, OR 97239
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
Portland, OR 97239

Directions to the Lab

General VA directions

Street map

Aerial view

Visitor parking

Parking is available for temporary visitors in the Patient/Visitor Parking deck (marked Bldg 102)

  1. drive following the red line into the Bldg 102 garage
  2. drive following the green line inside the garage (underground) and park in compact or regular spots
  3. if unable to find a spot, drive one level down to the P3 level
  4. follow the blue line to walk from your parking spot to the Bldg 104 elevator (on P2/P3 level)

Business-hours directions

  • take the elevator from the P2 or P3 level to level 2
  • follow the orange line through the pedestrian overpass bridge towards the Bldg 101 elevators
  • take the Bldg 101 elevators to the 4th floor, and dial 57404 from the wall phone

After-hours and weekend directions

Afterhours and on weekends the pedestrian overpass bridge between Bldg 104 and 101 is locked, requiring an ID to pass through

  • from the level P2 or P3 (see above), take the elevator to level 1
  • walk along the black line outside across the court-yard into the main hospital building
  • inside the main hospital (Bldg 100), walk left along the purple line toward the Bldg 101 elevators
  • take the Bldg 101 elevators to the 4th floor, and dial x57404 from the wall phone
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