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 +======Natasha Avalon Gardner======
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 +=====Research Intern===== 
 +Natasha ​joined the Lim Lab in January 2017 as a research intern. She is an honors student earning a B.S. in Psychology at Portland State University, graduating Spring 2018. Her primary responsibilities in the lab have been scoring animal behavior videos, assisting with a study from data collection to data interpretation,​ and with animal behavior experiments where necessary. She will be completing her honors thesis in the lab with Dr. Jones acting as mentor and Dr. Lim as research advisor. Her research interests include; neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity particularly in regions affected by traumatic stress or adverse childhood experiences,​ neurophysiology and cognitive functions of the pre-frontal cortex, cognitive flexibility,​ memory and learning. ​  
 +A few of Natasha’s interests outside of the lab are camping, hiking and playing in the ocean with her family and attending concerts/​live music. 
 +====Current Projects==== 
 +Intern on a study examining interaction between Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury in a mouse model. Of particular interest is how this interaction effects quality of sleep and symptomatology of each disease. Natasha has focused on the impact that this model has on contextual fear conditioning and contextual fear extinction tasks.  
 +Over the summer Natasha will be completing a Portland VA Research Fellowship with Kathleen Carlson, MS, PhD and PI. She will be working on clinical studies examining high-risk  
 +opioid prescribing and prescription usage, the chronic effects of mild traumatic brain injury on neurodegenerative disease and a media content analysis of veteran related gun violence. These studies intend on identifying risk factors among the veteran population for preventing disease or injury, and for informing health policy development,​ as well as, effective treatments.  
 +====Poster Titles==== 
 +Associated Professional Sleep Societies Annual Meeting, 2017 (Boston, MA) 
 +Sleep and behavioral phenotype of a combined mouse model of TBI and PTSD. Teutsch P, Opel RA, Cayton J, Akins D, Avalon Gardner N, Jones CE, Lim MM. Abstract #0279 
 +Oregon Health & Science Research Week, 2017 (Portland, OR) 
 +Sleep and behavioral phenotype of a combined mouse model of TBI and PTSD. Teutsch P, Opel RA, Cayton J, Akins D, Avalon Gardner N, Jones CE, Lim MM. 
 +Natasha Avalon Gardner 
 +navalon [at] pdx . edu 
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